Token distribution


Start Date: 18 December 2017 (00:00 CET)
End Date: 07 January 2018 (23:59 CET)


Start Date: 26 February 2018 (00:00 CET)
End Date: 8 April 2018 (23:59 CET)

Token distribution to the provided ETH address inside the SKYCHAIN Token Sale Client Area within 10 days of the Token Sale closing date.

The distribution ends officially on April 15th 2018. All unsold tokens will be burned.


The goal of our team is to collect at least $10-14 million for project development. This sum will be enough to finish all the developments and connect all market participants (medical data providers, developers of neural networks, doctors) into a single so-called “ecosystem”, based on the Skychain’s infrastructure. All the funds, raised above $10 million mark will be used to dominate the market in order to attract the maximum number of participants as soon as possible, and thus give no chance to possible competitors.


We offer bonuses to early participants of ICO (until collection of SOFT-CAP), as well as bonuses for purchases of more than $ 20,000. 

Purchase: 1 SKCH Token sold at $1.25
Token Sale Target: 12,000,000 SKCH
Max. Supply Limit Of Tokens Available For Sale  12,000,000 SKCH. All unsold tokens will be burned.
Tokens Created (Hard Cap): 14,400,000 SKCH
Sale Bonus: 50% During Pre-Sale (2,000,000 SKCH available)
Pre-Sale: 2,000,000 SKCH ($1,000,000) Reached
Min Cap (Pre-Sale) in Tokens: 400 000 SKCH ($200,000)
Main Sale: 12,000,000 SKCH ($12,000,000)
  • + 10% of the total tokens sold will be transferred to the project team, without the possibility of selling tokens within 24 months
  • + 5% of the total tokens sold will be transferred to project advisors and partners
  • + 5% of the total tokens sold will be transferred referral program participants
Min Cap (Main Sale) in Tokens: 10,000,000 SKCH ($10,000,000)
Token Price: $1.25
Ticker Symbol: SKCH
Accepted Cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC
Exchanges Livecoin, Idex


Skychain project is based on existing approaches and technologies, and all the legal and regulatory issues have been worked out. So hopefully all Skychain token buyers will make a nice profit when the project is implemented.

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