Skychain is ready to offer innovative solutions for organizations, which are looking for opportunities to implement innovative and disruptive technologies and raise the process of decision-making to a new level.

Skychain is able to provide these services for your enterprise:

  • Neural network development

Skychain team will train a neural network for the tasks you need to solve. Our developers will be able to customize and adjust it for you needs based on the difficulty, data amount and financial capabilities you possess.

  • Automation of services

Skychain can assist your organization in integration of the developed neural networks into the system of your facility.

In order to create neural networks in the most optimal and efficient way, we are using the top-level equipment in both Moscow and Yekaterinburg offices. The partnership with Nvidia allows us to use their best products for computation on a daily basis. Availability of powerful computational and engineering resources, as well as our expertise and reliability will allow us to execute the order in the shortest possible time.

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