Skychain is a blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Medical malpractices are the third leading cause of death. According to British Medical Journal, cancer misdiagnosis happens in 28 percent of overall cases. There are several major factors that might influence the decision-making process for regular doctors:

  • Doctors might have a narrow view of the problem. Specification on particular organs or systems makes it complicated for them to see the whole picture.

  • Lack of experience, knowledge and skills can seriously affect the ability to notice a rare and unusual disease

  • Medical practitioners may not take into account additional risk factors, since analysis of disease history will take a large amount of time

  • The influence of certain factors, like fatigue, irritation and subjectivity, might lead to erroneous and illogical decisions by doctors in specific cases.

Artificial intelligence in this case acts as a non-subject to the foregoing factors, which somehow can affect the accuracy of the diagnosis. By introducing the vision of AI into healthcare, Skychain will drastically reduce the number of medical errors and will save millions of lives every year.

The project intends to provide a well-functioning ecosystem based on the unique patented approach of using smart contracts to bring together healthcare data providers whose data is vital for AI training, independent AI developers, computational resource providers (owners of master nodes), insurance companies and consumersend users.

Skychain strives to improve healthcare sector by providing with high-quality, affordable medical diagnostic services, and the ecosystem in which each key party profits from its participation.

Skychain makes diagnostic AI systems far more accessible and affordable for a consumer and uses blockchain technology to facilitate safe transactions between participants.

Key features of Skychain     

  • The Skychain software is open source, so any participant can look into the code. As a result, participants trust the Skychain system even more.

  • Skychain offers users a wide selection of neural networks developed and run by independent labs.

  • Many AI researchers, including college students, are able to afford to train their neural networks using the computational resources provided by Skychain master nodes.

  • Free and fair competition between market participants will be the bedrock of a transparent system in which quality services are offered at the lowest possible price.

Thanks to the Skychain data marketplace, the best AI specialists are able to quickly develop neural networks and train them on huge amounts of medical data that no single company, organization, or nation could ever accumulate. As a result, the number of Skychain’s neural networks and their quality are to be unattainable for any single private or public project.

We strongly believe humanity will benefit from our project.

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