Completion of testing (prostate cancer) – June 2020
In June 2020, we expect to finish the testing of our solution on prostate cancer detection with our partnering healthcare institutions. Successful completion of this stage will mark the end of the development of neural networks, making our product ready for clinical trials.
Start of clinical trials – August 2020
In August, we will start the clinical trials with the help of our partnering healthcare institutions. All the tests will be conducted in accordance with evidence-based medicine and will be supported with scientific publications.
Patent application (prostate cancer) – September 2020
In order to ensure the intellectual property protection, we are going to apply for a patent, thus making our solution eligible for commercialization.
Start of other projects – October 2020
After the application, we will focus on developing AI-based solutions for cancer detection in other areas of digital pathology. The focus areas for our diagnostics solutions will be breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer (melanoma).
ISO certification (prostate cancer) – November 2020
With this step, we will confirm our compliance with the ISO standards, which is a necessary step towards getting our product certified by the regulatory bodies.
Application for FDA and CE mark clearance – December 2020
With the scientific proof of the accuracy and quality of our algorithms, we plan to apply for FDA clearance in the United States and for CE marking in Europe. The process will take quite a long time, but in the end will make our product eligible for official commercial use in the aforementioned regions
Market entrance – December 2020
In December, we will start our preliminary work on customer acquisition prior to getting the FDA approval and CE mark.
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