Hello, Skychain community!

Starting from December 2019, Skychain team will also focus on developing working products. The decision is necessary since it will allow the team to get immediate value and extra sustainability, which is, however, is not achievable with the development of the platform.

That is why we will now follow not one, but two roadmaps, each of them showcasing significant steps to achieve in development in both product and platform.

We are developing products in partnership with leading Russian healthcare institutions for Skychain platform. During our joint scientific cooperation, we plan to train neural networks and create comprehensive solutions for cancer diagnostics in four distinctive areas of digital pathology:

  • Prostate cancer (in progress)
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Skin cancer (melanoma)
As for Skychain platform development, we plan to continue working on it in August 2020. This will allow us to release the platform in June 2021 and publish the newly created Skychain products for digital pathology as our primary solution.

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