Project news

6 Mar 2018
New telegram communities
Telegram groups for Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Korean supporters!
5 Mar 2018
Fraud Attempts! Be careful!
We have run into multiple fraud attempts on our Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and Facebook accounts.
2 Mar 2018
Partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon
We are glad to announce that Skychain Company became an official partner of Microsoft and Amazon.
2 Mar 2018
Advisors list update
We have made some changes in the advisors list.
1 Mar 2018
Change of terms of Skychain Global ICO
Skychain Global is changing the key terms of the ICO in order to make it more attractive to tokens buyers.
1 Mar 2018
WELL and Skychain create future of medical diagnostics together
Partnership agreement between Skychain and Well.IO
9 Feb 2018
Public Testing of Skychain Press Release
The public testing of Skychain System
2 Feb 2018
Legal Entity in Estonia
Registration of a legal entity in Estonia is finally finished.
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