Project news

20 Aug 2018
Skychain in a Nutshell
If you are still unaware of the advantages that Skychain has over the competitors, this presentation material is for you.
17 Aug 2018
Update on Forthcoming Events Skychain will take part in
We are going to participate in several events, where we are going to present Skychain from its finest side.
16 Jul 2018
Skychain neural network for skin cancer detection
Read more about the Skychain ANN for skin cancer detection available in Skychain Alpha.
11 Jul 2018
Skychain Alpha Release
We are happy to announce that we have just finally launched Skychain Alpha! Check it out!
5 Jul 2018
Skychain Neural Network for Liver Cancer Detection
Skychain strives to help doctors detect liver cancer as early as possible and we already have some good results on our neural network to share.
2 Jul 2018
Skychain Neural Network for Abnormally Attached Bones Recognition
The short report about the “Mura” neural network for abnormally attached bones recognition created by our programmer Alexey Nazarov
4 Jun 2018
Skychain CEO Gennady Popov’s Message to Investors (June 2018)
Dear Skychain investors and stakeholders, I’m happy to address you once again. I would like to tell you about the project, our short-term plans and long-term goals.
1 Jun 2018
Skychain Alpha’s First Details
In the run-up to Skychain Alpha’s release, we are eager to share with you its first details!
10 May 2018
Update From the Project Team 10/05/18
Hello, friends! Here is another update on the project progress from Skychain team.
4 May 2018
Skychain CEO Gennady Popov’s Message to Investors
A message regarding the latest Skychain news, our development strategy and SKCH prospects
2 May 2018
ANN for Lung Diseases Recognition
Additional information regarding the ANN for Lung Disease recognition.
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