6 Jun 2018
Healthcare AI: Trends and Prospects
More and more companies get interested in using artificial intelligence in healthcare. That’s no surprise, as AI systems can dramatically improve the quality of healthcare services and allow health facilities to cut costs.
19 May 2018
Skychain News: ICO, Neural Network Development, Short-Term Plans, and More
Skychain’s ICO was held from February 26 to April 8, 2018. In total, 10.3 million tokens have been sold at an average price of $1.05.
15 May 2018
Platform Aiming to Identify Health Problems Using AI Launching Alpha Version Within Weeks
A blockchain-based platform which bills itself as the “future of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare” is preparing to launch an alpha version of its infrastructure within weeks.
9 Apr 2018
Skychain and WELL Are Joining Forces to Build the Future of Digital Healthcare
Skychain, an infrastructure project for healthcare artificial intelligence, and WELL, a global marketplace for telemedicine, are joining forces to build the future of digital healthcare!
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