Skychain Alpha

Skychain Alpha is a platform which enables users to test Skychain Neural Networks and get health predictions based on medical images investigation.

The alpha itself is based on the MVP, which we used to present the layout of the infrastructure earlier. In Alpha release, we have focused on the features, which cover the application of Skychain for the consumers, namely the usage of neural networks for medical diagnostics. Other Skychain features, like upload of medical datasets, transactions between actors and neural network training for independent developers will be available in further versions.

Our MVP source code is available on GitHub:

To start testing the alpha, user will be requested to register a new account. After doing it, he will proceed to the main page, where the catalogue of Skychain Alpha neural networks will be available. By clicking to the relevant image, user will be able to test the neural network. At that screen, user can upload a medical image and after some time of the data processing he gets a neural network prediction. After the procedure, user can request history of his inferences to various neural networks and look through each and every case.

Skychain provides the use of the neural networks at minimal cost of 0,1 Skychain Global Token per one inference to the neural network. The price is set to prevent users from uploading irrelevant images and to negate them from abusing the neural networks. Users can deposit Skychain Global Tokens to their testing account by clicking “Deposit SKCH” button at the main page.

In our release, we are publishing the user’s interface and three neural networks for public testing:

  • AI for Respiratory Diseases Recognition
  • AI for Bone Abnormalities Recognition
  • AI for Skin Cancer Detection

We are also planning to release three more neural networks in the nearest future. These networks will consequently be added to Skychain Alpha platform when they are ready:

  • AI for Breast Cancer Detection
  • AI for Liver Cancer Detection
  • AI for Brain Disorders Detection

By publishing the preliminary results of our project, we would like to demonstrate the results of our project and to display competence of team in neural network training.

In the nearest time, we intend to do the next step forward and offer the commercial development of neural network and automation of medical service for medical institutions. We feel that by offering this kind of services, we will enter the market, raise our visibility and do the analysis before the launch of the Skychain platform in June 2019. The alpha version will act as a great showcase for the potential clients and will aware them that we are capable of providing top-quality solutions for their enterprises.

The main engine of alpha will be our MVP, which will be thoroughly tested and will work for us until the end of 2018, when we are planning to release Skychain Beta. The neural networks released in alpha will be developed further until we raise their accuracy to a whole new level.

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