Our Team

Our team

Gennady Popov - Founder

10 years of experience as a programmer. Automation of medical laboratories, automatic recognition of images with MRI and CT for machine detection of pathologies of organs and joints. Automation of hospital medicine and health insurance funds. Large data analysis – case histories of 6 million patients for machine-based calculation of correlations, efficiency of doctors and hospitals. Founder and CEO of WSS-Consulting company – the market leader in the automation of electronic document management in Russia.

Ivan Svistunov - Chief technology officer

Programmer since 2010, an architect of industrial software products in the field of BigData, Highload and cryptography (WSS Docs) using the “private blockchain” technologies (WSS Docs Storage). Since 2016 Ivan is working on machine learning projects and has implemented several projects in this field. Language and technology proficiency: C ++, Objective-C, JS, CUDA, T-SQL, Haskell, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Caffe, theano, TensorFlow.

Alexander Kuzmin - Chief operating officer

Scientific projects in the field of artificial intelligence in multi-agent systems and artificial neural networks. Analytical projects in the field of innovative technologies. 2 year experience as an analyst of high-tech projects in the field of nanotechnology and IT. 3 year experience as a project manager in the field of development and implementation of corporate IT systems. Analytical projects in the field of innovative technologies. Education: Physical faculty of Moscow State University, Physical and mathematical methods of management.

Sergey Verbitskiy - Full-stack Developer

List of programming languages and technologies: C#, C++, SQL, Javascript, HTML, HighLoad, Blockchain, DataMinig, DeepLearning, CUDA, Tensorflow, Theano, Caffe. Experience in the field of programming: more than 12 years. Leading architect of WSS Docs – highload Enterprise Content Management system. WSS Docs is implemented in more than 300 companies all over Russia.

Higher education: Faculty of Information systems and technologies, Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Dmitry Musinov - Development Team Lead

List of programming languages and technologies: C#, C++, SQL, Javascript, HTML, HighLoad, Blockchain, Data Mining, Deep Learning, CUDA, Tensorflow. Experience in the field of programming: more than 10 years.

Alexander Oksanenko - Partnership manager

Higher education: International relations, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), specialization “Internatonal science and technology cooperation”.

Previous working experience includes Government Relations department in Renault Russia, International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Pavel Mayevskikh - Data Scientist

Higher education: Experimental Physics Department, Ural Federal University. Previous working experience: 3 years as an IT Engineer. Previous working experience: software developer in image recognition.

Language and technology proficiency includes C++, Go, Python, Keras, Tensorflow, OpenCV, DLib, PyTorch, PyQt.

Maria Pilyugina - Data Scientist

Higher education: Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Ural Federal University.

Language and technology proficiency includes C++, SQL, Javascript, HTML

Viktoria Akhmadieva - Data Scientist

Higher education: Faculty of mathematics, Chelyabinsk State University, specialization “Computer security”. Math proficiency includes number theory, probability theory and mathematical statistics, combinatorics and linear algebra, information theory and cryptography. Language and technology proficiency includes C/C++, Assembler, Python, Matlab, TensorFlow.


Sergey Shumskiy - Deep Learning Advisor

PhD from Lebedev Phisical Institute, expert in machine learning and machine intelligence, co-founder of NeurOK, NeurOk Software, NeurOK Optics, IQmen Business Intelligence, Factbook. Vice-president of Russian Neural Network Society, Head of Neuroassistants branch in Neuronet, Director of the Scientific council of the Center of artificial intelligence science and technologies under National Technology initiative.

Andrey Reznik - Business adviser

Current partner of the Department of Assets and Business Estimation of international consulting company “Mazars”. The founder of few companies, specialized in Finance services, IT-services and development, automated trading. Education: Finances and loans, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. MBA INSEAD (France).

Vladimir Nikitin - ICO Advisor

Vladimir Nikitin is the Co-founder of Top ICO Advisor, an accomplished legal consultant, ICO advisor, Blockchain cryptocurrency specialist and a member of several Board of Directors. A renown member of the crypto community and an active advocate of Blockchain over the last few years, where he has gained an extensive community of contacts, as well as over 30,000 network connection on LinkedIn. A listed Blockchain Expert on the ICObench (TOP-7) , Vladimir is an active advisor on more than 25 ICO-projects.

Md.Mofassair Hossain - PR and Marketing expert

CEO and Founder of Perhalic. One of the Top ICO PR, Marketing And Social Media Expert. In Profession, he is a Chartered Management Accountant. Expert at Israeli Blockchain association. Top Expert at ICO Bench. Ambassador of Humaniq and Advocate of DasCoin. Served More than 8+ Top Successful ICOs.

Douglas Lyons - ICO Advisor/Coordinator, Consultant

Experience and track record of high performance provide the depth and expertise required to elevate his clients’ businesses and execute a successful ICO / ITO launch. As an industry leader Douglas has helped to raise over $75M in ICO funding for various blockchain start-ups.

Elena Kondrakhina - Medicine adviser

Chief Medical Officer MedSwiss on Ermolaevsky, Candidate of Medical Sciences, doctor of the highest category. Started her career as a doctor of the First Aid in Moscow.

Anton Klechenov - Scientific advisor

Automation of medical institutions. Processing of medical images. Joint scientific research and publications with the University of MIT (USA) in the field of Computer Vision and parallel computing.

Konstantin Sablin - Medicine adviser

Andrologist, urologist, endocrinologist with more than 8 year’s experience. The member of The European Association of Urologists (EAU). Education: The Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Diploma in “General Medicine (health care)”

Tessa Little - Scientific advisor

Medical biochemist and research biophysicist, with a training in protein biophysics at Wits University, South Africa. After the PhD, her career moved into the medical health sector. Over the years doing research at local and international universities, she was given the opportunity to help make sense of what seemed to be complex unrelated phenomena clinicians were often faced.

Farid Maz - Scientific advisor

Studied Engineering in Gadjahmada University, studied Aerodinamics and aircraft design, worked in various engineering projects, government urban development advisory, member of city council, intense in social activity and runs charity foundation.

Francois Van Wyk - Medicine adviser

Managing Director at “The Family Doctor” Clinic in Harrismith. “Reason I am interested in the project I am very passionate about tech in healthcare and I realise this is the future of healthcare. I want to stay ahead of the masses and be an early adopter. I also want to contribute to a worthwhile cause. I have good experience in primary healthcare where I believe tech will play a very important role in the future.”

Michele Novi - Medicine adviser

Works in Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery in Pisa, Italy. Graduated as Medical Doctor in 2012 with a thesis on computer-assited surgery titled: “Patient-specific templates for pedicle spine screw placement”

Maria Florenteva - Digital Healthcare Advisor

2013-2017 Senior Vice President of PJSC “Rostelecom. Since 2017 – Director of the “Digital Economy” laboratory of the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Member of the Coordinating Committee of the National Consortium “Smart City”. Initiator of the creation of the “Digital Health” Consortium.

Maxim Golikov - Medicine adviser

Residency in Anesthesiology and Reanimatology 2008. Doctor of the highest category with specialization in ECG. Believes that the Skychain project is interesting because the direction of development of self-learning computer programs is very promising in general and in medicine in particular.

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