Our Strategy

In the next 12 months, we will focus on achieving these four goals:

1. Developing our own diagnostic neural networks

We want to have 7–10 neural networks that can diagnose cancer and other diseases by analyzing magnetic resonance (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and X-ray images; electrocardiograms (ECG); and tissue sample images. Our neural networks will be hosted on the Skychain system and available for practical use. Until we officially launch the Skychain project, they will be available for free, so that anyone can try and use them.

2. Breaking even in the near future

We are planning to start developing custom neural networks and selling our diagnostic neural networks to health facilities this year. We need to do that for two reasons: To ensure a steady development of our project in the long term, because the money we raised via the ICO will not last forever; and to better understand the market needs, so that our solutions better meet the expectations of health facilities and patients.

3. Developing the Skychain core system

We have already developed a working prototype system. This year, we are going to implement the alpha and beta versions of Skychain based on that prototype, adding healthcare data sets and our own neural networks. We are planning to completely rewrite the core system in 2019, making it decentralized and based on blockchain.

4. Adding more partners and extending our marketing reach

Skychain needs partners and users. It also needs extensive coverage in the specialized media to boost Skychain brand awareness.

That strategy will ensure a steady development of our project and help us succeed. I strongly believe in Skychain’s bright future. Our project is at the very beginning of a long, glorious journey!

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