Our Mission

The mission of the Skychain project is to help people get high quality and affordable medical diagnostic services.

The actions of most of the participants of the existing market contradict this seemingly simple and understandable goal and in this case, Skychain acts as their antagonist. Let us compare their and our goals.

Large artificial intelligence companies

Large corporations, such as IBM and Google, are seeking to bring their own products to the medical neural network market, monopolize the market and continue to receive the majority of revenue. If this happens, it will certainly increase the cost of such services and will negatively affect their quality.

Skychain will provide an open infrastructure for many market participants who will be able to independently create, train and provide access to their own neural networks. Thus, open competition will increase the availability of these services.

Objection. Nevertheless, large corporations can win the competitive struggle right now with their resources and finances, what will prevent them from creating their own neural networks, which will be better?

Answer. Today, small laboratories and groups create the best neural networks. For example, FindFace - a neural network, created by several Russian specialists, for several years surpasses the best neural networks of large corporations. Also in the field of medical diagnostics, we see that the best results are demonstrated by small independent laboratories. Of course, large corporations will tend to buy small companies, but Skychain will provide an alternative way - direct access for independent laboratories to the consumer market. We are confident that this way is more effective, and therefore it will prove to be a winning one.

Manufacturers of equipment and infrastructure suppliers

Large equipment manufacturers and hosting companies, such as Nvidia and Amazon, seek to monopolize the neural networks market. That will put the developers and consumers of neural networks in dependence on the actions of such companies.

Skychain supports all common libraries and does not depend on the final chip manufacturer (GPU or tensor cores). Developers will be able to focus on designing and training a neural network, not paying attention to specific models of equipment.

Skychain as a supercomputer can potentially provide thousands of times more performance, compared to any centralized data center. Decentralized architecture will also automatically perform calculations on the servers closest to the consumer, increasing the speed of response and the ability to quickly exchange data.

Medical industry

The medical industry has lots of restrictions and regulations today. And only medical institutions and insurance companies the ones, who benefits from it as patients are forced to pay directly or through health insurance providing high profits for these institutions. In other cases, they will not receive timely and proper medical services.

Skychain will provide standardization of diagnostics. Patients will be confident about the quality of diagnosis of any doctor if it is confirmed by analysis results of various neural networks of Skychain. The patient will also be able to perform self-preliminary diagnosis. For example, one can check a mole (melanoma), or prevent a heart attack on the basis of early symptoms via the Skychain application for a smartphone. If there is a risk, they would consult a doctor at an early stage of the disease. Today, most patients do not go to the doctor at an early stage because of the high cost of medicine and the loss of personal time.

Open structure of Skychain

Skychain is based on the concept of pure competition between market participants, to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible price.

Skychain software has open source code, any participant can check it. This will provide a high level of confidence in the Skychain infrastructure.

Skychain will provide consumers with the choice of all available neural networks uploaded by independent laboratories. This will increase the availability of neural networks for consumers.


We as the founders of Skychain, strive to create an open distributed ecosystem that will effectively oppose any attempts of monopolization. We are confident all members of society will benefit from this.

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