About Skychain Global

The idea behind the project emerged in 2017. Skychain is supposed to solve the problems, which are now present in healthcare and AI development:

  • Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis at early detection
  • The lack of medical specialists
  • The insufficiency of marked medical data
  • The possibility of monopolization of the market by tech giants

After the initial concept of Skychain was formed, all of the algorithms, approaches, protocols and architecture were thoroughly contemplated if they could potentially be created and did not contradict the fundamental scientific principles. The initial team of Skychain has a huge background in IT and AI development, as it was formed on the basis of WSS Consulting company, the market leader on the automation of electronic document management in Russia. Later on, Gennady Popov, founder & CEO of both Skychain and WSS, has decided to hold an ICO to raise the funding required for the project realization.

During the preparation to the token sale, the team has made a big effort to present project to possible investors from its best side. The team has identified the priority directions of development, designed the token economy and made a great promotion campaign. In order to fill the missing gap in medical expertise, Skychain has invited several medical experts to form the team of advisors. As a result, Skychain ICO managed to sell more than 10,7 million tokens, making it possible to make the project real.

Right after ICO, everyone in Skychain have focused on a full-scale work on the project. The team has expanded to 13 people. Developers have started making neural networks on several types of medical images. Marketing department is working on the promotion of the project. Partnerships with medical institutions all over the world.

It’s been only two months since the ICO was over when Skychain Alpha version was released. This version allows any user to test neural networks by uploading their own medical images. The alpha includes six neural networks:

  • AI for Respiratory Diseases Recognition
  • AI for Bone Abnormalities Recognition
  • AI for Skin Cancer Detection
  • AI for Breast Cancer Detection (coming soon)
  • AI for Liver Cancer Detection (coming soon)
  • AI for Brain Disorders Detection (coming soon)

After Alpha release, we keep working on the project. Skychain team is doing its best to make the bright future with accurate diagnostics a reality.

Next stop – Skychain Beta (December 2018).

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