The future of artificial intelligence in healthcare!
ICO STARTS AT FEB 26, 2018 (00:00 CET)


Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

The mission of Skychain is to save 10 million patients from premature death due to medical errors within 10 years.

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death. For example, when doctors analyze X-ray lung images, they fail to diagnose early lung cancer in 69 percent of cases!
There are many hundreds of examples like that in healthcare. But artificial intelligence can dramatically reduce the number of such errors!

Skychain intends to provide an infrastructure to radically increase the efficiency of healthcare AI development and training. It will make diagnostic AI systems far more accessible and affordable for the consumer by using blockchain technologies to facilitate safe transactions between the key parties.

IBM estimates the artificial intelligence market in the healthcare sector to reach $200 billion in a few years. Skychain’s goal is to control more than 70% of that market!

Skychain is unique. The project is based on the revolutionary approach of using smart contracts to bring together many healthcare big data providers whose data is vital for AI training, thousands of independent AI developers, computational resource providers (crypto miners), and millions of consumers.

Skychain is the next leader in the healthcare AI ​​market!

Earn Skychain Global Coin while providing your medical datasets for deep machine learning

Using a closed-loop system of Skychain, upload your private medical datasets, providing them for the training of third-party neural networks. Get royalty for every use of neural networks, trained with your datasets.

Earn Skychain Global Coin while providing your computing power for neural networks

Use your GPU for mining crypt, which is not only profitable but also useful for the society. Get rewarded not only for «proof of work» but also for «proof of deep learning training» and for «proof of inference» of neural networks

Develop your own neural networks and train them with the help of Skychain Global Coin's distributed supercomputer

Using the Skychain neural network toolkit, any researcher can quickly develop his own neural network and the resources of the distributed network of the miners will become the fastest supercomputer, with low cost of processing power.

Get rewarded each time consumers use your neural networks

Do you already have a high quality and trained neural network? With the help of Skychain, it instantly becomes available to millions of consumers all over the world who will pay for each time they access your neural network at the rate you set.

Use Skychain to analyze the medical tests using hundreds of trained neural networks and get an accurate diagnosis

Doctors and patients will have the opportunity to simultaneously analyze the medical tests results with the help of hundreds of independent neural networks, and get the most accurate diagnosis and complete analysis.

Key problems we solve

The current situation in the market of medical neural networks can be described as the initial stage of the emergence of the market. Its current issues are as follows:

  • It is difficult for laboratories and creators of neural networks to provide access to their developments to end users (doctors). There is no unified infrastructure. Skychain will become an analogue of AppStore for them. Using it, any doctor can quickly use the neural network of interest.
  • The common problem for most of the developers is accessing medical data for training of their neural networks. Skychain will provide a special function of hosting of medical datasets in a closed-loop system, and the ability to teach third-party neural networks, using these datasets. The datasets will be kept in safety and remain the property of their owners, as well as the neural networks. It also guarantees the receipt of a fee for each use of the neural network both for developers and for the providers of datasets, which were used for training of neural networks. Large corporations, such as IBM, are not able to independently train thousands of neural networks needed to fully cover all areas of medical diagnostics. Skychain will contain thousands or even tens of thousands of highly specialized neural networks created by independent laboratories and corporations.
  • The market of neural networks is constrained by the high cost of equipment suitable for effective machine learning, and the complexity of the design and training tools. Skychain will provide a convenient tool for neural networks development and the possibility of their inexpensive and fast learning with the help of the distributed computing resources of Skychain members. The total computing power of Skychain will exceed the data centers of any large corporations.

Skychain will change the ecosystem of neural networks and make them publicly available to all market participants! At the same time, each participant will benefit from his participation in the Skychain community.


You are talking about diagnosing using medical test results, test images. Can this be even implemented?

Yes. Several dozen neural networks have been implemented and trained by specialists around the world today, already solving these tasks as the best specialists in their fields. This area is developing dynamically – in 10 years most diagnoses will be made by neural networks, probably under the supervision of a living doctor.

Then what is the use of Skychain, if all this is developing fine without it?

The today’s problem is that these neural networks function within laboratories and institutions and there is no mechanism for the unified use of neural networks by doctors. Skychain will unify all these distributed neural networks and provide doctors with a single window for their use. Skychain's data marketplace will allow the best specialists in the field of artificial intelligence to quickly develop and teach neural networks using the amount of medical data, which no organization or state can ever collect in one place. Due to this, the number and quality of Skychain's neural networks will be unreachable for any private or public project. Besides this, by uploading information about a patient in Skychain, a doctor can analyze it in dozens (or even hundreds) different neural networks and get the most complete state of a patient.

What market share does Skychain claim?

IBM estimates the artificial intelligence market in the sphere of medicine at $200 billion a year in a few years. The goal of Skychain is to take control over 70% of this market! The way to achieve this goal is to create the best open infrastructure that will accumulate the resources of the majority of participants of this industry and surpass any closed corporate product.

What are the advantages of Skychain for miners?

Skychain miners can provide their computing resources and get paid not only for mining of cryptocurrency coins, but also providing a requested service, which is in a solvent demand. This fundamentally sets Skychain mining apart from mining of classic cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETC, etc.) where miners perform useless calculations only to proof-of-work.

What are the advantages of Skychain for doctors and patients?

Skychain will be able to analyze information about a patient according to his medical tests, history, symptoms and research results. Moreover, this analysis can be performed with hundreds of different neural networks at once that will not miss any important detail and can effectively diagnose rare diseases and improve the quality of diagnostics. A doctor and a patient will be able to get a reliable “second opinion” from Skychain.

Can Skychain be used not for medical neural networks, but for other tasks as well?

Yes, Skychain architecture allows storing and processing any neural networks. We decided to focus on medicine at this stage, as this is a very urgent task and the project organizers have a rich experience in this field.

Some large companies (IBM, Google) design and provide their neural networks for rent, including for medical purposes. Don’t you think that they will monopolize this market and leave room for Skychain?

Yes, developments of these companies are interesting. But training even one artificial neural network for diagnosis of a single disease is a complex task that requires painstaking work on designing a neural network and preparing a large data set for its training. A neural network often must be redesigned and retrained after the training. In Skychain, the developer will be able to train his neural networks using large number of datasets provided by independent suppliers for reward, this will make it possible to train the deepest and most accurate neural networks. Thousands of independent laboratories will be able to place their neural networks on Skychain and no corporation in the world can spend so much intellectual and human resources to create their product. Just like no taxi company can compete with the Uber drivers network in the number of cars, no software developer can compete with App Store in the number and coverage of applications.

How do you assess a chance of the project failure?

We admit that at the pre-ICO or ICO stage there may be a situation that the project's tokens will not be redeemed and we will not be able to develop the project without this support. The project failure is possible in this regard. But we are 100% sure that a platform with principles outlined in our whitepaper will be created and universally recognized. Modern technologies allow creating such a system, which means that it will definitely appear, since its high value for people is obvious. If the ICO is successful, we are confident that we will implement Skychain and it will be universally recognized.

Ok, this project is really interesting, but why do you think that it is your team that should implement it?

The Skychain is based on five core ideas:
1. Blockchain
2. Artificial neural networks
3. IT in medicine
4. Sharing economy
5. Cryptography
We as the core team of Skychain, have deep knowledge and experience in all of these five fields. And, which is also important, Skychain is a project that we want to devote our lives to.

Why did you choose ICO and not attracting venture investment?

The attraction of classical investors reduces the level of independence of the team and the project. We want to remain independent, develop Skychain not relying on investors’ opinions and their short-term goals. Therefore, we chose an ICO model and hope for community confidence in our project, team and goals.

What is the price of the Skychain token?

Each Skychain Token will be sold for $1. There is a preICO discount of 50%. So at the preICO stage Skychain token price is $0.5.

Is there a bonus system for early token buyers?

We offer bonuses to early participants of ICO (until collection of SOFT-CAP), as well as bonuses for purchases of more than $ 20,000.

ICO stage (to the right)
Amount being bought (below)
Until 10,000,000 tokens are sold Tokens sold: from 10,000,001 to 20,000,000 Tokens sold: from 20,000,000 to 30,000,000
$15 ... $20,000 $0.95 $1 $1.10
$20,001 ... $300,000 $0.90 $0.95 $1.05
More than $300,000 $0.85 $0.90 $1

Will there be a Pre-Sale?

Yes - starting on the 18.12.2017, Two Million Skychain tokens will be sold via the pre-sale which will last 21 days. If all 2 million tokens are not sold during the pre-sale, the remaining tokens will be sold during the main token sale.

When will the TOKEN SALE start/end?

The Pre-Sale will start on 18 Dec 2017 (00:00 CET) and end on 7 Jan 2018 (23:59 CET) The main token sale starts on 26 Feb 2018 (00:00 CET) and will last until 31 Mar (23:59 CET).

How many tokens are there?

We will create up to 36 million Skychain tokens. However this depends on the actual subscription amount. Thus the 36 million are the maximum amount created.

What is the hard (max) cap of the Token Sale?

A maximum amount of 30 000 000 Skychain tokens will be sold during the token sale.

What is the soft (min) cap of the Token Sale?

The mininum cap for the token sale to be considered a success is 400 000 Skychain tokens for presale and 10 000 000 Skychain tokens for ICO.

What payment methods do you accept?

We will accept ETH, BTC.

When do I get my tokens?

The tokens will be distributed after the main token sale ends. Those tokens can be send to a wallet which is ERC20-compatible. We will try our best to distribute the tokens within 10 days after sale closing. The final distribution date is on March 8th 2018.

How can I take part in the Skychain token sale?

You are able to fund your account via BTC or ETH. You can buy the tokens with any wallet which holds a BTC or ETH. In order to receive the tokens we will need a wallet that accepts ERC20 tokens.

How am I going to receive tokens?

In order to receive your tokens when the main token sale ends, we need your ETH Address from your ERC20 Wallet.

Can I participate without creating an ETH address?

You can buy the tokens with any wallet which holds a BTC or ETH. In order to receive those tokens you will need a wallet which accepts ERC20 Tokens.

How do I create an ETH wallet?

There are multiple ways for you to create an ETH wallet. We recommend using either Mist, MyEtherWallet, Parity or ImToken.. Let’s have a quick look on how to create a MyEtherWallet: In Order to create a new wallet, you can visit On the main page you can simply enter a strong password and click on “Create New Wallet”. After creating your account, please download your Keystore File. Do not share it, lose it and please make a backup of it. The next site will show your private key. This key is crucial for you. Again – do not share it, lose it and make a backup. Those files and keys will help you to retrieve access to your wallet. Now, in order to unlock, please choose “Private Key” and enter your previously saved private key. This will open your private wallet and show your Address. This address is needed for anyone, including us, who wants to send coins to your wallet. So please save this as well. Your address can be used in Skychain to receive your tokens.

What has a blockchain to do with it?

It will store all neural networks developed by hundreds of laboratories and organizations in a single registry so that any neural network can be calculated any server connected to Skychain. Besides this, storing neural networks in a single registry is safe for their author as no one except the author can get a reward for the use of his neural network and it can’t be unloaded and launched outside Skychain, because the calculation result is decoded the neural network’s author’s computer with his private key.

What are the advantages of Skychain for developers of neural networks?

TToday developers of neural networks must purchase expensive equipment to train their artificial neural network, experiment with various neural network structures and select the best structure for solving their problem. With Skychain, any researcher can build his own artificial neural network using SkyConstrucor builder tools, pay for renting the required computing resources with Skychain Global Coins and train his neural network. The developer will also be able to train his neural networks using a large number of datasets provided by independent suppliers, this will make it possible to train the deepest and most accurate neural networks. Then, Skychain will allow an author to get remuneration from end users of his neural network. This will motivate developers of neural networks to upload their neural networks to Skychain and thus develop the Skychain ecosystem.

Will calculations and training of neural networks be distributed?

Yes, when a doctor sends information about a patient and test results, this information is distributed to a plenty of neural networks and executed on different servers at the same time. neural networks can be also trained in parallel, when one server (for example, of a neural network’s developer) controls the training process and plenty of servers of miners consistently train it on individual examples and send the neural network parameters to the controlling server for combining them together. The calculation of neural networks (inference) will be performed on a miner’s server and decrypted on a server of the neural network’s owner. But an inference is not a costly operation and is effectively performed even on one server.

Some companies, such as Amazon, provide computing resources of their data centers for rent to neural network developers for training and calculations. These centers are very efficient. Will the use of Skychain computing resources for training neural networks be in demand?

Yes, data centers of large corporations are really big. But if you look at the current blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, you can see that these networks combine huge computing resources of miners, much superior in their processing power than any centralized data center. That’s why Skychain will provide more computing powers and at a better price than any corporation.

What equipment do I need for Skychain Global Coin mining?

Skychain Global Coins can be mined with computers with several powerful video cards. The proof-of-work algorithm used in Skychain Global Coin uses matrix multiplication operations (BLAS GEMM), which is most efficiently computed on tensor cores (such as Nvidia Tesla V100). The use of tensor cores allows speeding up the training and calculation of Skychain neural networks a dozen times. We chose this solution to ensure that all computers of miners are useful to the Skychain network, not only for creating new blocks, but also training and calculating neural networks.

The field of artificial neural networks is rapidly developing and new architectures, libraries and new approaches to training are emerging. What if Skychain lags behind?

Skychain is an infrastructure. We will be adding support for all widespread libraries and tools in Skychain. So, if a new library for artificial neural networks that solves problems well appears tomorrow, for example, we will test it and include its support in our core. Thus, Skychain will speed up spreading the progress in this area and the use of the latest developments and libraries by a wide range of specialists and consumers.

10 Reasons to Buy Skychain Tokens Right Now

If you have any questions, please address them to our Telegram group or to the Skychain project founder Gennady Popov

  • Skychain doesn't have any direct competitors!
    Skychain is focused on healthcare. The project is based on a unique approach!
  • Great prospects
    Artificial intelligence has great prospects. Most experts believe that healthcare is the hottest application area for AI, and that the healthcare AI market will be the largest one among all the AI markets. Skychain has every chance to take a dominant position in the global healthcare AI market, which is estimated to reach several hundred billion dollars a year.
  • A working prototype has been demonstrated
    The project team has developed a prototype system and published its source code on GitHub. It has also posted a video demonstrating the systems operation.
  • The product has shown excellent results
    The first successful test of healthcare AI in Russia was conducted based on the Skychain prototype system. A few neural networks hosted on Skychain diagnosed melanoma, breast cancer, and heart disease more accurately than flesh-and-blood doctors did!
  • Extensive partner network
    We have signed agreements with many partners all over the world, including health facilities and IT companies.
  • Great mission
    If you buy Skychain tokens, you can both make a profit and help the progress in medical diagnostics. Our mission is to save tens of millions of people from premature death due to medical errors.
  • A well-thought-out token model
    The total amount issued is 36,000,000 tokens, but only 30,000,000 tokens will be available for sale; the rest is intended for the project team and the partners. Any unsold tokens will be burned. The tokens held by the project team (10 percent of the total amount sold) will be locked up for 2 years. Later all the tokens will be converted into Skychain's own crypto currency, Skychain Global Coin, which is based on the proof-of-stake concept. No more coins will be issued in the future. Adding more masternodes will cost their operators 100,000 tokens. The tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges in April 2018, so that more interested parties can buy them. A well-thought-out token model suggests high demand for Skychain tokens in the future.
  • Strong project team
    The founder of Skychain is a successful IT business operator. The key advisor is an expert on artificial intelligence who has already founded a number of successful companies. The prototype system development was funded by the Skychain project founder Gennady Popov. Skychain didn't have any closed fundraising rounds, and no market players have been able to buy Skychain tokens below market value. There were 900 investors at the pre-ICO stage; Skychain didnt attract any major investors. Most investors buy Skychain tokens with a view to make a profit in the long run.
  • Perfect opportunity to use blockchain to solve real life problems
    It's a perfect opportunity to use blockchain to dramatically improve the efficiency of businesses operating in the healthcare AI market. The project is based on the revolutionary approach of using smart contracts to bring together many healthcare big data providers whose data is vital for AI training, thousands of independent AI developers, computational resource providers (crypto miners), and millions of consumers.
  • We aim for success!
    The project team intends to succeed in the long run. Skychain is a project with a multi-billion dollar potential, and we will do our best to realize it!


Gennady Popov | Founder |

10 years of experience as a programmer. Automation of medical laboratories, automatic recognition of images with MRI and CT for machine detection of pathologies of organs and joints. Automation of hospital medicine and health insurance funds. Large data analysis - case histories of 6 million patients for machine-based calculation of correlations, efficiency of doctors and hospitals. Founder and CEO of WSS-Consulting company - the market leader in the automation of electronic document management in Russia.

Ivan Svistunov | Chief technology officer |

Programmer since 2010, an architect of industrial software products in the field of BigData, Highload and cryptography (WSS Docs) using the “private blockchain” technologies (WSS Docs Storage). Since 2016 Ivan is working on machine learning projects and has implemented several projects in this field. Language and technology proficiency: C ++, Objective-C, JS, CUDA, T-SQL, Haskell, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Caffe, theano, TensorFlow.

Alexander Kuzmin | Chief operating officer |

Scientific projects in the field of artificial intelligence in multi-agent systems and artificial neural networks. Analytical projects in the field of innovative technologies. 2 year experience as an analyst of high-tech projects in the field of nanotechnology and IT. 3 year experience as a project manager in the field of development and implementation of corporate IT systems. Analytical projects in the field of innovative technologies.
Education: Physical faculty of Moscow State University, Physical and mathematical methods of management.

Sergey Verbitskiy | Full-stack Developer |

List of programming languages and technologies: C#, C++, SQL, Javascript, HTML, HighLoad, Blockchain, DataMinig, DeepLearning, CUDA, Tensorflow, Theano, Caffe. Experience in the field of programming: more than 12 years. Leading architect of WSS Docs - highload Enterprise Content Management system. WSS Docs is implemented in more than 300 companies all over Russia.
Higher education: Faculty of Information systems and technologies, Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Egor Chertov | Community Manager |

6 years experience in the field of search engine optimization and website promotion. Worked as a web editor at Greenpeace Russia. Worked as a content manager at Beontop (one of the leading SEO companies in Dubai, UAE). Participated in international environmental protection projects of Greenpeace Int.
Higher education: Advertising and PR faculty of N. A. Dobrolyubova State Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod

Dmitry Musinov | Full-stack Developer |

List of programming languages and technologies: C#, C++, SQL, Javascript, HTML, HighLoad, Blockchain, Data Mining, Deep Learning, CUDA, Tensorflow. Experience in the field of programming: more than 10 years.

Alexey Vushkov | Full-stack Developer |

List of programming languages and technologies: C#, T-SQL, NOSQL, C++, SQL, Javascript, HTML, HighLoad, Blockchain, Data Mining, Deep Learning, CUDA, Tensorflow. Experience in the field of programming: more than 5 years.


Sergey Shumskiy | Deep Learning Advisor

In 1981 graduated from Moscow Engineering Physical Institute, PhD from Lebedev Phisical Institute, expert in machine learning and machine intelligence, co-founder of NeurOK, NeurOk Software, NeurOK Optics, IQmen Business Intelligence, Factbook. Vice-president of Russian Neural Network Society, Head of Neuroassistants branch in Neuronet, Director of the Scientific council of the Center of artificial intelligence science and technologies under National Technology initiative.

Anton Klechenov | Scientific advisor

Work experience as a programmer - 7 years. Automation of medical institutions. Processing of medical images. Joint scientific research and publications with the University of MIT (USA) in the field of Computer Vision and parallel computing. Scientific projects in the field of neural networks. Work experience as an IT consultant in Accenture.
Education: Physical Faculty of Moscow State University, Laboratory of Medical Programs. National University of Singapore, Faculty of Information Systems.

Andrey Reznik | Business adviser

Current partner of the Department of Assets and Business Estimation of international consulting company “Mazars”. Principle of Strategy and Enterprise Finance management. The member of the board of Directors of the largest Russian telemetry, software, and automated trading equipment development company. The founder of few companies, specialized in Finance services, IT-services and development, automated trading.
Education: Finances and loans, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. MBA INSEAD (France).

Konstantin Sablin | Medicine adviser

Andrologist, urologist, endocrinologist with more than 8 year’s experience. The member of The European Association of Urologists (EAU). The member of The Russian Community of Urologists (RCU). The member of The International Society for the Study of the Aging Male. Confident that neural networks will perform diagnostics better than humans, in the nearest future. That is the reason of joining the project “Skychain”.
Education: The Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Diploma in “General Medicine (health care)”

Maria Florenteva | Digital Healthcare Advisor

2013-2017 Senior Vice President of PJSC "Rostelecom. Since 2017 - Director of the "Digital Economy" laboratory of the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Member of the Coordinating Committee of the National Consortium "Smart City". Initiator of the creation of the "Digital Health" Consortium.
Education: Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University. MBA (London Business School).




Start Date: 18 December 2017 (00:00 CET)
End Date: 07 January 2018 (23:59 CET)


Start Date: 26 February 2018 (00:00 CET)
End Date: 31 March 2018 (23:59 CET)

Token distribution to the provided ETH address inside the SKYCHAIN Token Sale Client Area within 10 days of the Token Sale closing date.

The distribution ends officially on April 8th 2018. All unsold tokens will be burned.


The goal of our team is to collect at least $10-30 million for project development. This sum will be enough to finish all the developments and connect all market participants (medical data providers, developers of neural networks, doctors) into a single so-called "ecosystem", based on the Skychain's infrastructure. All the funds, raised above $10 million mark will be used to dominate the market in order to attract the maximum number of participants as soon as possible, and thus give no chance to possible competitors.

Purchase: 1 SKCH Token sold at $1.00
Min Cap (Soft-cap) in Tokens: 10,000,000 SKCH ($10,000,000)
Max. Supply Limit Of Tokens Available For Sale 30,000,000 SKCH. All unsold tokens will be burned.
Tokens Created (Hard Cap): 36,000,000 SKCH
Pre-Sale: Hard-cap 2,000,000 SKCH ($1,000,000) Reached
Main Sale: 30,000,000 SKCH ($30,000,000)
+ 10% of the total tokens sold will be transferred to the project team, without the possibility of selling tokens within 24 months
+ 5% of the total tokens sold will be transferred to project advisors and partners
+ 5% of the total tokens sold will be transferred referral program participants
Ticker Symbol: SKCH
Accepted Cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, BTH
Exchanges We plan to be listed amongst the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in April 2018.


Skychain project is based on existing approaches and technologies, and all the legal and regulatory issues have been worked out. So hopefully all Skychain token buyers will make a nice profit when the project is implemented.


Token sale - 80%

Team Tokens - 10%

Referral Program - 5%

Partners & advisors - 5%


Tech-Development - 25%

Legal and Regulatory - 15%

Business Development - 15%

Marketing - 20%

Ecosystem Development - 25%


  • 1
    Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

    We develop Skychain’s key algorithms and solutions, design its architecture, and consult with the key market players.

  • 2
    PRE-SALE | Dec 18, 2017 (00:00 CET) - Jan 7, 2018 (23:59 CET)

    We pre-sale our tokens at $0.5 per token.
    Hard-cap (2.000.000) reached!

  • 3
    MVP | Feb 20, 2018

    We publish the Skychain MVP that contains the implementation details of Skychain’s key modules: the training loop with the Data Marketplace as Service for DeepLearning, and AI Marketplace.

  • 4
    MAIN SALE | Feb 26, 2018 (00:00 CET) - Mar 31, 2018 (23:59 CET)

    The main sale of our tokens at $1 per token goes on.

  • 5
    Skychain Alfa | June 2018

    The Skychain infrastructure is fully built, and early participants connect to it: healthcare data providers, medical AI developers, and hospitals.

  • 6
    Skychain Beta | December 2018

    Dozens of new participants, including hospitals, connect to the Skychain infrastructure. There are more and more neural networks and ready-made datasets in the Skychain ecosystem.

  • Skychain Release | June 2019

    All of our plans are completely realized and Skychain establishes itself as a leader in the medical AI market.

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